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Draino Concept Offers a wide product range of UPVC pipes & fittings ( orange and gray)  for drainage and Sewerage networks in all industrial and commercial building under the family of Draino Concept,available in European norms BS EN 13291 and BS EN 1401 standards.

Advantages of the Draino Concept system:

The following properties of UPVC make it one of the most adaptable of all pipe materials for widespread use:

  • Light weight, convenient to handle, and relatively flexible and easy to install.
  • Chemically resistant to domestic and industrial alkalis, acids & oils.
  • The unique material formulation of Draino Concept piping systems assures long term tensile and impact strength and durability.
  • Corrosion resistant to electromechanical reactions.
  • Fire resistant and self extinguishing.
  • UPVC has lower thermal conductivity than other pipe materials which makes it desirable in many applications.
  • Low installation cost.

UPVC Characteristics :

Draino Concept pipes are made of UPVC plastic material (Un-plasticized Poly-Vinyl Chloride) homogeneously blended with property-enhancing additives to give the required ideal characteristics of impact and compression resistant properties.

Fire Resistance:

All draino Concept products do not omit toxic gases in the case of fire, thus minimizing risk of developing dioxin or other lethal or harmful gases such as Hydrogen – Chloride.

UPVC material is self-extinguishing as defined by BS 2782. Fire protections of guidelines are set in accordance to national regulations. Draino Concept materials fulfill requirements of fire class BS 4607.

Chemical Resistance:

Due to the nature of UPVC, Draino Concept pipes and fittings are highly chemical resistant for a wide range of chemicals used in building construction. However, PVC is prone to faster deterioration in hydrocarbons and chlorine based hydrocarbons in specific chemicals such as acetone and this should be avoided.

Reaction with other materials:

UPVC has been found not to react adversely with any traditional building material

Applicable Standards:

  • BS EN 1329 – 1: Plastics piping systems for soil and waste discharge within the Building structure – PVC-U.
  • BS EN 1401 – 1: Plastic piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage & Sewerage PVC – U.

Note: BS EN 1329 Supersedes BS & BS 5255/BS EN 1401 supersedes BS 4660/BS 5481 resp.